These are the holidays

you will receive a flag!

Flags will be placed out about a week around each holiday. It does take some time to get all them out so please be patient if you see a flag out and yours is not yet. 

For $40 a year we will

place a flag in front

of your home, business

or neighborhood!

Our flag year begins Labor Day and ends Independence Day. New customers may enroll at that time as well. 

You may sign up for a flag at anytime, however we are unable to prorate flag subscriptions. If you pay after the flags have been placed for a holiday, you will receive your flag for the following holiday. 


We are currently servicing Walden, Walden Estates,

Del Lago, Del Lago Estates & Grand Harbor. 

We are open to having other neighborhoods along

Walden Road participate. If you are in another neighborhood please send us an email and let us know! 











Want to help??

Volunteer to put a flag route out for each holiday and receive your flag for free!

If you would like to volunteer for a flag route or to 

help with the flags on your street please email us. 

We would love to have community support and line our streets with as many flags as possible. 


Please email with any questions.

This is how to

get your flag!

STEP 1. 

You MUST fill out a form to get on a route. 

If you do not complete STEP 1 & fill out the form BEFORE paying with paypal, your address does NOT get on a route.


Please COMPLETE STEP 1 BEFORE paying for your flag order. 

STEP 2. 

You can pay for your

flag right here.

No need for a paypal account, use any credit/debit card. 

If you prefer to pay with a check. Make it payable to 

Madeley Ranch PTO including

your name, address, telephone number, email address and 

mail to:

MRE PTO- Flags

3500 Madeley Ranch Road

Montgomery, Texas 77356

Communications from MRE PTO are considered official communications from MRE. 

PTO business and communications may not be copied and/or redistributed

without written permission from MRE PTO.